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3 weeks ago

One of the first promotions for the Salt City Strangers. This prints on a 8.5 x 11 sheet paper. When cut and folded it makes a small 8-page comic.

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3 weeks ago

We're working on a card game called Toon Hunter! The mechanics are based on when cartoon characters use reverse psychology while having a shotgun pointed back and forth between them. Stay Toon-ed for ... See more

4 weeks ago

The Sheeran metal sticker is available in the shop Velleity Studios dot com.

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1 month ago

First time trying to do lino cut prints. Turned out pretty cool. Featuring the Villainous Bubak from Ruthless!

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1 month ago

Created by Fletcher Hanks, the character first appeared in Jungle Comics #2 (cover-dated Feb. 1940), published by Fiction House almost two years before the first appearance of Wonder ... See more

1 month ago

This one is available in my eBay account. ChrisKHoffman.

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1 month ago

Saw this posted in a comic book group @hoffmangler is in. The OP sent this in to CGC and paid for an autograph and remark. It's kinda tough to see on the dark cover and he was disappointed. Do you ... See more

1 month ago

Still to e to get 20% off The Horror Comic Tarot Cards for the month of October 2022 at the Velleity Studios Etsy store.
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1 month ago

The great comic creator @brianhaberlinofficial has a wonderful thought in this coloring tutorial from Proko on YouTube: "The great part about being an artist... you can keep getting better!" "Maybe ... See more